An astronaut trudges through the idyllic green mountains of Austria. Inside the space suit is Gernot Grömer - an astrophysicist rejected by the European Space Agency. However this did not stop him from developing his own space suit for the first manned mission to Mars. When the space suit powers up the boundaries between dreams and reality become blurred: He becomes an astronaut on earth.












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"ANALOG ASTRONAUT" Teaser from Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer on Vimeo.

Director's note

"We all used to dream of something. However most of us stopped dreaming big somewhere along the way. Gernot never gave up his mission of space exploration. He found ways around obstacles and doubts. Instead of flying to space, he became an astronaut on Earth, contributing to the bigger mission with his research: He became an analog astronaut."

Mag. Dr. Gernot Grömer

written and directed by
Linda Schiwa Klinkhammer & Felix Klee

Felix Riedelsheimer & Laura Kansy

Frank Müller

Alexa Haag

music composed by
Tom Wörndl

guitar / bass
Tom Wörndl

Flurin Mück

double bass
Max Bloching


produced by
Franklin Film

in cooperation with
University of Television and Film Munich